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Introducing: SMT Traffic and PPC Management Service
Do you need to quickly bring interested visitors to your website? Do you rely on SEO alone. Take control over the results you get. With a PPC campaign, you only pay the search engines for actual visitors to your website. You can specify the ad they are shown, search terms and geography of the searcher.

Unlike forms of advertising like TV, Newspaper, Facebook or Radio; PPC advertising gets you in front of people who are searching. PPC allows you to accurately measure and evaluate your ROI.

At Sales & Marketing Technologies, our experienced and certified Orlando based PPC professionals do the research necessary to know what keywords, ads, and bids will be best for your PPC campaign. We will then track everything and personally watch your account to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

We manage all aspects of your PPC strategy for you, from account creation to keyword research, web site analysis, ad copy creation, keyword buys, and campaign reporting.

Here is what you can expect...
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Research and Strategy
We combine our expertise with the use of industry-leading research tools to uncover your prospect’s online practices, interests, and demographics. We dive deep into your site and online presence to uncover what's functioning well, and also determine brand-new marketing opportunities.

Your customized strategy will come together by putting together all these data points and integrating the results with our professional search phrase insights and knowledge of proven customer behaviors and marketing fundamentals.
Measurement and Key Performance Indicators
Understanding your objectives is a critical step in the setup of any marketing campaign. We work with you to uncover reach your objectives and we measure the efficiency of our campaign against those objectives with meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Whether your conversion is the acquisition customer to service, a product sale, a list sign-up, or a PDF download, we can track, report on, and optimize the campaign to tightly align with its purpose.
Campaign Setup and Execution
We provide more than just a list of keywords! We begin with a detailed questionnaire to gather and review details about your product/service, customers, industry and competitors. We’ll contact you if clarification is needed on any of the details that you provide. From there, we will put our talents to work and discover which search phrases will be the most effective for your campaign, specifically which terms and phrases your customers are looking for.

Whenever applicable, your campaign will be divided right into specific ad groups, enabling the best feasible optimization amongst different audiences, product and service categories, or geographies targeted.
With your Google Ads account set up, we take the keywords and phrases identified during our research and build you highly effective search ads. We produce engaging ad copy to catch your consumer's eye. Additionally, we activate the most appropriate ad features for your offer, including site links, call expansions, callouts, and more.
Landing Pages
Because the quality of your landing pages directly affects the success of your PPC campaign, we will work with you, to the extent possible, to implement recommendations to increase the impact of your pages. Your ads will receive a higher quality rating when they are in alignment with your content. As quality increases so will the conversions that you will see.
Bid Optimization
Once we understand the KPIs of your campaign we will align its bidding method to the most appropriate reporting metric: Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), or Cost per Acquisition (CPA).
Campaign Management
Handling ad campaigns takes a lot of time, something most local business owners don't have. On a regular basis, our optimization experts will review and enhance your campaign. This process includes getting rid of underperforming ads/keywords, searching for and adding brand-new ads/keywords, adding negative search phrases, as well as providing additional landing optimization recommendations to improve quality score. 

Also, we will update budgets and targeting as necessary, optimize headlines and copy to help improve performance, and review Google’s recommended updates for implementation.
For you to understand the progress being made on your campaign every month, we will make a report available to you consisting of important campaign metrics as well as results.
Marketing is part art and part science. WE DO NOT guarantee revenue goals. That’s just not fair to ask of your marketing company, since we are only one part of the business equation. Any client who has worked with us will tell you that we are 100% committed to your success. Once you become our client you will be under our care and protection.

In order to work with us, it needs to be a good fit. We don't work with just anyone, and there are some companies we are not able to help. If after we've reviewed your questionnaire we feel it is either not a good fit or we can't help, we'll let you know within 48 business hours and issue an immediate refund. If we are a good fit, we'll proceed and chances are we'll be friends for life.

In the unlikely event the project is cancelled, the final invoice will reflect time and materials used for work already completed. In addition, any refunds to credit cards that have already been processed will be refunded minus 3.5% processing fees incurred by SMT. Rates are subject to change without notice. You will be billed a month in advance of services being performed on a monthly basis. Google Ads media fees are billed directly to the client's credit card.
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